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For Beginners: Tips for Hanging Up a Last Minute Hummingbird Feeder

The whole summer went by and you didn’t hang up a hummingbird feeder? Don’t fret! It isn’t too late!

Keeping a hummingbird feeder up through October can help late migrants, such as young inexperienced hummingbirds, fuel up on their way south.

If you’re totally new to hummingbirds, read this post first. If you’re short on time, scroll to the bottom of that post for feeder type ideas.

Here are my quick tips for cleaning and hanging up a last-minute hummingbird feeder.


The feeder solution ratio is 4 parts water, to 1 part sugar (no dye needed). So if you have 1 cup of water, that’s 1/4 cup of sugar. With most regular sized feeders, this should be enough. Also, because there aren’t many hummers using the feeder, you’ll waste less water and sugar this way.


I heat the water with the added sugar for 30 seconds. Just enough to help dissolve the sugar. Then, I fill the feeder. Done!

Clean Your Feeder

Clean your feeder every 4 days. Set yourself a reminder, easy peasy. An old (but cleaned) toothbrush and/or a bottle brush works great for scrubbing. Dish soap + some hot water, scrub-a-dub-dub, and you’re good to go.


Scrub all of the nooks and crannies, anywhere that sugar-water might get to, and scrub the inside of the feeder. Clean it like you’re going to drink out of it.


Fill up your feeder with the solution recipe mentioned above and you’re done!

Now keep an eye on your feeder and share your visitor updates!

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  1. Great post. We prefer the ‘easy to clean’ feeders since they get changed every 4 days due to fungal growth (it’s warm here).

    On the Gulf Coast, we leave at least one nectar feeder up year ’round. There are resident hummers that appreciate the supplement in the winter, Rufous, Calliope, and Black-chinned.

    1. Great tip! It’s often very hot here, so we clean and refill 4-7 days, depending on the weather. We just had another stop by on it’s way down today!

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