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5 Bird Photographers to Follow on Instagram

Here are five of my favorite Bird Photographers that I follow on Instagram.

#1. Andrea Pico Estrada

Estrada was the first bird photographer I followed on Instagram. She is based in Florida, so you can image that the species she captures are both diverse and familiar. Through her photography and videography Estrada shows the beauty of birds. Her videos are a nice brief escape from cold Northeast winter! Pelicans basking in the light of warm sunset? Yes, please!

Follow her here:

#2. Shelley Pearson

Shelley Pearson’s mission is clear, “Birds will be my legacy…” Her bird photography showcases species not seen in the U.S. If you’re a bird photographer her photos will inspire you to be better. Her BIFs are moving in such a way that, personally, makes me feel like I should either put my camera down forever, or work harder than ever. Her headline reads, “[It’s] all about birds…” Can’t argue with that!

Follow her here:

#3. Hannetyvi

Located across the pond in Finland, Hanne’s bird photography brings me back to my time in Scandinavia. Her photos are shot across an icy landscape and inspire me to get out and shoot despite the cold weather. As it is said in Scandinavia, there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes—meaning you’ve gotta dress for it!

Follow her here:

#4. Melissa Groo

Melissa Groo is an award winning photographer, writer, and conservationist. Through her lens she offers a unique perspective of birds from around the world. I first learned about Groo from her Audubon Photography Awards Grand Prize win in 2015.

Follow her here:

#5. Orietta Estrada

(Yes. That’s me. No relation to #1.) Follow me on IG to keep up to date on all things environment and animal! This spring I will continue maintaining bluebird nest boxes so tune in for photos, videos, information, and more!

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