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5 Bird-Related Pieces of Art From 5600-2900 B.C.

Since The Met’s release of 375,000 images into the Public Domain, it has been a treat to look through hundreds of images and hunt for bird-related art and motifs. Here are five pieces of art from 5600-2900 B.C.

#1. Sculpture From Iran

“Bird standard”. Early Bronze Age. Ca. Mid-3rd Millennium B.C. Southeastern Iran. Copper alloy. Metalwork-Sculpture. On view at The Met Fifth Avenue.

#2. Vessel Fragment From Mesopotamia

“Fragment of a vessel with a bird of prey attacking a crouched animal in relief”. Late Uruk-Jemdet Nasr. Ca. 3300-2900 B.C. Southern Mesopotamia. Limestone. On view at The Met Fifth Avenue.

#3. Bird Palette From Egypt

“Double bird palette”. Predynastic, Naqada II. Ca. 3500-3300 B.C. Egypt. Greywacke.

#4. Bird Palette With Inlaid Eyes From Egypt

“Palette with double bird heads with inlaid eyes”. Predynastic, Naqada II. CA. 3500-3300 B.C. From Southern Upper Eqypt, Hierakonpolis (Nekhen), Fort Cemetery (Hk 27), Tomb 68. Greywacke, Shell (?).

#5. Fragment of Pottery From Syria

“Sherd”. Halaf. Ca. 5600-5000 B.C. Syria. Ceramic, Paint. On view at The Met Fifth Avenue.

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