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Where the Screech Owl Wasn’t

This is a post dedicated to those of us who diligently check each knothole we come across...

That’s right. This post is titled, “Where the Screech Owl Wasn’t”. Why? If you’re like me, you realize how difficult it is to come by these small owls (in the wild). How many times have you found yourself looking at a knothole in a tree wondering, “Is that a screech?” But then thinking, “Nah. It couldn’t be. It’s just a knothole.” And then, “Hmmm. Is it just a knothole, or?”

These owls, like others, are the masters of their habitat and blend in effortlessly. This post is dedicated to those of us that share those hopeful, then immediately disappointing, could-it-be-a-screech-owl moments.


Nope. Not here…


Not here either…


Could that be a — nope. An alt-owl? Nope.


Not there either…


Maybe now is a good time to let you know that there are no actual pictures of a wild screech owl in this post. At some point this saga will have a happy ending (I need to stay hopeful) and I’ll be posting here first!

Featured Image. Me working as a volunteer at a fundraiser for a local raptor rehabber with an Eastern Screech Owl on the glove. Image Credit: Paul Chaconas.

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