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Nesting Season Part I: NestWatch is On!

Nesting Season Part I: NestWatch is On!

Are you curious about the birds you see in your garden each spring? Wondering what that pair of Catbirds flittering around the shrubs in your front yard are up to? Well, if you already use eBird, or have participated in Project Feeder Watch, NestWatch is a great next step.

(If you haven’t participated in logging checklists in eBird, or Project Feeder Watch, NestWatch is still for you!)

Female Eastern Bluebird Incubating Eggs. Image Credit: Animal Perspectives.

NestWatch is a citizen science project out of Cornell University’s Lab of Ornithology. is a comprehensive starting place for those that want to take their interest in birds a bit deeper.

On the website you’ll find information about nesting species, how to identify different species based on location, region, nesting materials, and habitat — you’ll even find plans on how to build your own nesting boxes!

NestWatch isn’t just about birds that nest in bird boxes, it’s also about counting birds that are nesting in the trees and shrubs (and grasses) around your home.

Field sparrow (Spizella pusilla) and Nest. Image Credit: Animal Perspectives.

If you’re still reading and don’t think you can commit to logging all of the birds and birds’ nests that you find (it is time consuming work) — you can still (and should) participate in discovering the wonders of nesting season!

Stay tuned for “Nesting Season Part II: Determining Habitat“.

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