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Nesting Season Part IV: The Best Nest

The best nesting box for the job.

Setting up nesting boxes is easy! No experience required — that’s what I’m here for!

Putting up a nesting box (or 30) around your home is a mutually beneficial activity for you and the wild birds that visit your home. There are several reasons why setting up a nesting habitat in your yard is a great great idea, but this is a post about the best nesting box you can buy.

The Best Nest

Tree Swallows Nestlings in a Gilbertson Box. Image Credit: Animal Perspectives.

Picking the right nesting box for your home takes time and some times it’s best to try a couple of boxes throughout a couple of seasons. Things to take into consideration when picking a nesting box are: aesthetics, functionality, birds you want to attract, and materials.

The last post describe several different types of nesting boxes that you can set up around your home. They included natural weathered cedarrecycled plastic, and PVC pipes.

If you’re planning to sneak a peak at the nesting cycle, or if you are planning to participate in NestWatch, you will need a nesting box that is easy to open. Please see, “Nesting Season Part III: The Right Box for You” for more details on why.

The best nesting box for the job is the Gilbertson Box. I monitor over 80 nesting boxes, not including the 30 around my home, and I promise you, this is the most durable and easy-to-use nesting box. I would never finish my rounds or have my data entered if I had to stop and unscrew every box, or if I had to unlatch the sides and prevent nestlings from falling out.

Again, see the last post.

As you can see in the picture below, Birdie (my little model) is holding the cavity part of the nesting box. You simply squeeze the sides of the cavity (which is made out of PVC) and “open” the box (video soon). It comes off from two screws on the underside of the cedar roof.

(Yes. That is a bar of soap on top of the nesting box. I’ll get to that in the next post!)

This allows for easy and fast removal of the cavity without risk of dropping any nestlings. The most important part of checking nesting boxes, is the safety of the birds. To keep the birds safe spending the least amount of time at the nesting boxes is crucial, as well as providing them with a safe nesting box.

In “Nesting Season Part VI: Set Up”, I will show you the best way to set up your Gilbertson boxes.

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