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Birds in Jewels Through the Centuries

These beautiful adornments are from throughout the ages. These images were made available through The Met’s Open Access collection of over 375,000 digitized works of art.

Unfortunately, these aren’t available for purchase—although we’ll take a pass on #4.

#1. Gold Earrings from Greece

“Earring with pendants of birds”. 4th Century B.C. Greek. Gold.

#2. Ring From Greece

“Silver Ring”. Ca. 450-400 B.C. Greek. Silver. On view at The Met Fifth Avenue.

#3. Earrings From Greece

“Pair of gold hoop earrings with Erotes riding doves”. Hellenistic. 3rd Century B.C. Greek. Gold.

#4. Real Bird Earrings From Great Britain

“Earrings”. Ca. 1865. British. Preserved bird, gold, metal.

#5. Earrings From Iran

“Earring”. 11th-12th Century. Iran. Gold. On view at The Met Fifth Avenue.

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