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List: The 16 Dos and Don’ts of Managing Your Nesting Boxes

Here are 16 dos and don'ts for managing your nesting boxes.

Here are a few quick dos and don’ts for managing your nesting boxes.

1. Don’t Check the Boxes During or Right After Bad Weather.

If it looks like this outside, pick another day!

2. Do Check the Boxes During Good Weather.

3. Don’t Check the Boxes at Dawn.

4. Don’t Check the Boxes at Dusk.

5. Don’t Check the Boxes During Cold Weather.

6. Don’t Spend more than 30 Seconds During Nest Checks (Including any Photos).


7. Do be Aware of Your Surroundings During Checks — Safety First.

8. Do Give a Light Tap on the Box Before Opening/Checking.

9. Do Write Down Your Observations.

10. Don’t Pick Up Nestlings or Fledglings.


11. Do Read the the Migratory Bird Act.

12. Don’t Remove Eggs from Active Nests.

13. Don’t Allow House Sparrows to Take Over Nests (problem bird post forthcoming).

14. Do follow the Guidelines Provided by NestWatch.

15. Do Have Fun!


16. Do Stay Tuned!

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