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Species in Focus: Field Sparrow

Field Sparrows (Spizella pusilla) are sweet buff-colored beauties with pink legs and a pink bill. Their bouncy trilling melodies are unmistakeable and fill open meadow habitats across Maryland.

Field Sparrow. Image Credit: Animal Perspectives.

While not threatened, the species is in decline due to habitat loss. Loss of farmland to urban sprawl and develop are contributing factors.

Field Sparrow. Image Credit: Animal Perspectives.

These birds are quite shy, but if you are patient and still enough, they will come to investigate making for great photo opportunities.

Field Sparrow. Image Credit: Animal Perspectives.

Field Sparrows have two broods per year with a clutch size of anywhere from 1-5 eggs. Interested in looking for Field Sparrow nests? Watch your step!

Field Sparrow. Image Credit: Animal Perspectives.

First nests of the year are constructed on the ground, while second nests are made higher up, in low bushes and shrubs on the edge of the wide open fields and meadows.

Have a listen:

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