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Content Over Quality: Crow Vs. Red-tailed

I can set my watch to the time American Crows and Red-tailed Hawks fight on a daily basis.

I apologize for the poor quality, but I still think that these photos are worth looking at.


Every day the American Crows set up posts and secure their perimeter. One Crow will fly its course around the property and then others (if you look carefully) are stationed at the edges of its flight path. They are silent sentinels on the look out for trouble in the form of a Red-tailed Hawk.


Last year, I watched as a Red-shouldered Hawk plucked a young crow from a nest on the property…it was gruesome! But it was also the first time I had witnessed that. The Crows here are pretty serious about keeping predators at bay and after witnessing that, I understand why.


Just look at these photos and listen to the audio I caught on video of a previous debacle.

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