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Animal Perspectives Turns One! First Year Report

It’s been one year since the relaunch Animal Perspectives. Stay tuned for all things environment, nature, & bird from Animal Perspectives!

Animal Perspectives Turns One!

Animal Perspectives One Year FINAL

It’s hard to believe that it’s been one year since the relaunch of AnimalPerspectives.Com.

Thank you for your support!


For those of you that don’t know, Animal Perspectives started out as a very informal photo blog, and slowly transformed into an environmental science and bird blog.

After several years, and a couple of years of neglect (due to work, school, and life in general), I decided to refocus my intention with the blog and use it as a writing portfolio.

Then, Animal Perspectives naturally took shape to be a website about the environment, nature, and birds.

Successes: Past 12 Months

A lot has happened in the year since the revamp.

  • Animal Perspectives has many more followers on social media than ever before.
  • Readership is at an all time high.
  • The Animal Perspectives Monthly is gaining traction!
  • The first ebook in “The 15-Minute Birder” series was published in July.
  • Animal Perspectives is now an affiliate of two major booksellers.
  • Animal Perspectives can now offer a subscription service to readers that become patrons.
  • The website design is now complete.

Animal Perspectives is now my full-time “job” and while I am still working on ways to make the website financially self-sufficient, it has absolutely been worth the financial investment on my part, and will always be a labor of love.

Goals: Next 12 Months

Animal Perspectives will continue to primarily focus on wild birds and birding. In the next four months, Corvid Month (October 2017) and The Animal Perspectives Gift Guide will be two major campaigns to look out for!

  • Corvid Month will consist of an entire month devoted to the family Corvidae.
  • The Animal Perspectives Gift Guide will be a list of products, books, and gift ideas, that I have used, read, and come up with over the past year.
  • Beyond the next four months the newly recorded podcasts will be released.
  • In addition to the podcasts, new videos, ebooks, and images will also be released.
  • I will begin to release exclusive content to my Patrons via Patreon.
  • I will always inform all readers when FREE ebooks, FREE images, and exclusive content will be available.

As soon as I can make Animal Perspectives profitable, I will be able to hire a team member to help me deliver more content, and grow Animal Perspectives for you, the reader!

On a Personal Note

2017 was big year for me on a personal level. In late April 2017, I was diagnosed with an early stage form of cancer and the first week of May I underwent major surgery to remove it. I’m happy to report that I am now cancer-free and I am working every day to regain my strength and get back to “normal”.

I am very much looking forward to the fall migration and getting deep into some serious birding sessions!

Stay tuned for all things environment, nature, & bird from Animal Perspectives!

Bird on!