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Top 10 Facts About Crows

Here are my Top 10 Facts About Crows. What facts about crows do you know?

Here are my Top 10 Facts About Crows!

#1 New Caledonian Crows Can Use Tools

New Caledonian Crows (Corvus moneduloides) use hooked sticks to extract insects from hard to reach places, such as burrows made in logs by beetles.

Tool-use in these crows is an evolutionary adaptation — meaning that over time (a long period of time) the species began to use sticks as part of their foraging, or food-gathering, routine.

#2 Hawaiian Crows Can Problem Solve

Recent research has demonstrated that the Hawaiian Crow, called ‘Alalā (Corvus hawaiiensis) can also use tools to find food.

‘Alalā were not prompted or taught to use them — they picked up tools, which were not supplied to them, on their own.

Furthermore, they used these tools to extract meat placed in a hollowed out log. If the birds picked up a tool that didn’t work well to extract the meat, they replaced it with a different tool and tried again.

#3 Hawaiian Crows are Extinct

Wild ‘Alalā became extinct in early 2000 and only 109 remain in captivity. ‘Alalā  became extinct because of habitat destruction across Hawaii.

#4 Crows Mob Predators

Last year, I watched as a Red-shouldered Hawk plucked a young crow from a nest…it was gruesome! But it was also the first time I had witnessed that. Crows are serious about keeping predators at bay because their survival depends on it.

Crow Mobs Red-shouldered Hawk. Image Credit: Animal Perspectives.
Crow Mobs Red-shouldered Hawk. Image Credit: Animal Perspectives.

#5 Crows Raid Nests

Just as a Red-shouldered Hawk raided a Crow’s nest, Crows will also raid nests of other birds. It’s a bird-eat-bird world.

#6 City Crow, Country Crow

Crows that live in rural areas use more land as territory when compared to their city dwelling counterparts. They behave differently around humans too. City Crows tend to be more bold and will get closer to humans, while Country Crows are just the opposite.

#7 Crow Hunting is Legal

In 1754, it was required by law to shoot a dozen Crows to settle on frontier land. Crow hunting is legal and not uncommon.

#8 Crows have European Cousins

American Crows share more in common with European Carrion Crows than they do with other species. In fact, they share 95% of their genetic material with them.

#9 North American Crows

There are three species of Crow in North America: American Crow, Fish Crow, and Northwestern Crow.

#10 Hot Feathers

Because Crows are black, they absorb more solar energy via their wings, that means they retain heat. This heat helps them keep warm during cold months.

So there you have it, my Top 10 Facts About Crows. What facts about crows do you know? Share below!

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