Facebook Photo Challenge, Yea or Ney? You’ve seen them, and maybe you’ve even been tagged in them, but do you participate?

What is a Facebook Photo Challenge?


Recently, I was tagged in two separate posts by friends “nominating” me to participate in a Facebook Photo Challenge. The challenge? Post a black and white photo every day, for seven days, no words, and no faces of people.

But Facebook Photo Challenges can vary from portraits, nature photos, wildlife, landscapes, and probably a bunch of other topics that I haven’t encountered — yet.

What’s the Point?

Days of Black and White: Corn.

I had seen, and enjoyed, similar posts over the weeks leading up to being tagged. I have to admit, I really liked the idea, but I rarely shoot in black & white, or process my photos without color.

Well, what seemed like a simple Facebook Photo Challenge turned into something a bit more complex. I was going to have put in some effort and break one of the rules — I was going to have to add some words and put it in a blog post, this post.

Days of Black and White: Poochies.

It’s been a few weeks since I was tagged, which in Facebook time is like decades.

It was an awesome photo challenge. Non-photog friends were getting way into it and I (along with hundreds of others) were getting glimpses into their day-to-day. Without words, without explanation it seemed like worlds were opening up before my very eyes. Take the color out of the equation and the composition is naked, beautiful. That’s the point.

black and white cherry blossoms

Prescription medication bottles, hospital rooms, beautiful landscapes, rain…all in black and white. I was really impressed by the content and depth that black and white added to their photos.

Yea or Nay?

Days of Black and White: Northern Cardinals. Image Credit: Animal Perspectives.

I didn’t participate immediately, not because I didn’t want to, but because I didn’t have time — one photo a day for seven days is challenge enough. By not participating, I became an observer to the happiness of others, their pain, their suffering…several of the images are etched into my mind and I won’t soon forget them.

Days of Black and White: Barn Cat.

So my answer to the initial question, Facebook Photo Challenge, Yea or Nay? I say, Yea. After a few decades (or Facebook weeks), I’ve gathered seven photos for the challenge, which are posted within. I broke a few rules, but I couldn’t help it — that’s Life.

Days of Black and White: Family.

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